Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community
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"Over time, I have seen how individuals both strain and stretch to move closer to the edge, incorporate new information into their schema's and process what it means for them moving forward. They often move away from the absolute need to feel comfortable in the dialogue in exchange for feeling safe."

Margo Foreman, IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity

IGD in the News

  • In a Civil Workplace: Professional Conduct (OEO News, November 2015)
    Friday, November 21st

    Scroll through CEO's annual report, specifically top-cited reasons for separation, and one discovers that workplace civility impacts employee turnover.

  • From the Desk of the Chancellor: Civility Statement Endorsement
    Tuesday, April 21st

    IUPUI is committed to fostering a campus environment where civility and respect are embraced between and among all campus community members. This commitment is reinforced through initiatives to promote an inclusive campus culture as part of the IUPUI Strategic Plan. It has also been the focus of a two-year campus conversation facilitated by the IUPUI Common Theme Project with the theme “Find Your Voice, Hear My Voice: Creating Civil Conversation.”

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